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This is Our Story

Safehousingnow.com was created in order for survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault who were fleeing to be free from their abuser or face becoming homeless to access immediate emergency housing. We believe that "safe housing is a right shared by everyone".

As a survivor for over 20 years, I know and recognize the urgency of finding and acquiring immediate emergency shelter for myself and my children. Due to the lack of access to immediate housing/shelter, I was left with no choice but to return to my abusers and endure many more years of abuse. Once I broke free from my cycle of abuse, I became an advocate and began working on a national hotline for domestic violence survivors.

While working as an advocate I found it very difficult and sometimes not at all able to access immediate emergency shelter for countless survivors. In 2018 safehousingnow.com was created in order to help change the lives of domestic violence survivors who Flee to be Free.